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Aug 5, 2019

Rose Quartz - The Symbol Of Love | Unconditional Love, Forgiveness & Compassion

A Little Bit Of Background

Rose Quartz is a member of the Quartz group and it is the ultimate symbol for true love, piece, forgiveness and compassion. It is made up of silicon dioxide, which is one of the most complex and most abundant families of materials. The beautiful crystal only occurs in massive form, with no crystal faces, edges or confinements and the small inclusions of pink fibers provide a beautiful, soft pink color of the stone. The color can vary from light pink to almost purplish and might even have a hazy or cloudy appearance.

It is the common symbol of unconditional love and it has been used for spells, rituals and ceremonies for centuries now. Not only will it help you to find love or to show kindness to yourself, but it will also provide beautiful dreams and prevent nightmares, restore self-forgiveness, acceptance and change negative energy into positive energy.

Rose Quartz - The Symbol Of Love | Unconditional Love, Forgiveness & Compassion


The meaning behind this beautiful love stone goes back to the ancient civilizations of the Greeks and the Romans. They were the first to use a Rose Quartz as a symbol for true love. According to myth, love in the form of a Rose Quartz was a gift for humans from the gods Cupid (the Roman god of desire) and Eros (the Greek god of love).

Another legend tells the story about the handsome Adonis, who was attacked by Aris, who appeared in the shape of a boar. His lover, the goddess of love and beauty - known as Aphrodite for the Greeks and Venus for the Romans - came running to his aide and got caught in a briar bush along the way. By the time she found Adonis, a mix of their blood started to soak into a Quartz stone, giving the Rose Quartz its beautiful pink color and that is how it became the symbol of true love and compassion.

Rose Quartz - The Symbol Of Love | Unconditional Love, Forgiveness & Compassion

Rose Quartz - The Symbol Of Love | Unconditional Love, Forgiveness & Compassion

Healing Properties

Rose Quartz is the perfect gift to surprise a loved one with because it will always be there when you want to be at piece with yourself or open up your heart to someone else. It vibrates a gentle energy of pure love and light.

It goes beyond romance and even beyond unconditional love. It enhances kindness and it will help you see and understand things from a more positive perspective. A Rose Quartz stone can also help you to let go of negative energy and free you from emotions that are trapped inside you and help you heal emotionally a lot faster.

The beautiful crystal also allows you to open your heart towards others, to restore your trust and help you understand and accept past situations.

Rose Quartz - The Symbol Of Love | Unconditional Love, Forgiveness & Compassion

What It Does For Me

For me, it is a symbol for my love towards my partner and my little daughter, to bring us closer together, as a family and to bring my partner and I closer together as lovers. I truly believe in its powers and its energy and ever since I put this necklace on for the first time after we bought it, it has always been precious for me.

I never ever wear any jewellery because for some reason, I don't like to touch it, but with this necklace, it's different. It feels like it belongs to me and it doesn't feel right if I take it off. I just feel incomplete without it. Every time I wear this necklace, it allows me to open up my mind and to embrace everything around me. It reminds me of the things I'm truly grateful for. I definitely feel something and it fills a certain emptiness I didn't even know I had. It feels wonderful.

There is a little gem stone shop in Valletta, the beautiful capital of Malta, and we decided to pay a little visit to see what they sell. That's when I got inspired and came up with the idea to look for a love stone. I searched the internet and read as much information on the internet as I possibly could about the Rose Quartz stone and the last time we went to Valletta, we both bought something that we like with a Rose Quartz in it. I chose a simple necklace in the shape of a heart and Jeremy bought one in the shape of Yggdrasil, the mythical tree of life. They're both beautiful and I'm glad we bought them.

Rose Quartz - The Symbol Of Love | Unconditional Love, Forgiveness & Compassion

Charge Your Rose Quartz

Crystals and stones are located deep underground. They don't need to be charged because they get their energy from the earth that surrounds them. Once they're dug out from the earth, they loses their ability to charge themselves and that is why they have to be recharged by the person who takes care of them from time to time to lose the negative energy and to make sure they are in top condition because their energy is not unlimited.

You can easily cleanse them with water and recharge them by using the sun. Just put them outside on a natural surface for a few hours right after sunset and they're good to go. You can also use moonlight to recharge them. The energy might feel different if you use the moon to charge your Rose Quartz, but it might work even better for you. It's important to follow your intuition. To close the ritual, you can say a little prayer or thank mother nature for blessing your crystals with positive energy.

I'm not religious, but I do believe in mother nature, the elements of the earth and spirituality, especially if I can see the results for myself. I love to keep an open mind. It helps me to understand things in a different way and to look at everything with an open heart.

Do you have any crystals or stones? Which ones do you have and what do you think about the results? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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