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Apr 18, 2019

5 Ways To Save Money With A Baby

Life with a baby can be pretty expensive, I’m sure we can all agree on that. They need diapers, wipes, a stroller, a crib, toys, clothes, a seat, medical attention, skin care products, and the list goes on and on! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to spend your money more wisely and save as much as you can with a baby around.

In this post, I will discuss 5 ways that I personally use to create a nice financial balance and save wherever I can on baby items. I quit my job a few months ago and became a housewife instead, so we only have one income to pay the bills and to buy everything else we need.

We usually don’t buy unnecessary and expensive items, we rather save instead of buying stuff that we actually don’t need.

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5 Ways To Save Money With A Baby

Here are 5 useful ways to save money with a baby.

1. Second-hand shopping

Second-hand shopping is a great method to support society and probably one of the best ways to save a lot of money. A baby doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. You can easily find clothes, strollers and other items for your baby in a thrift shop or even online. Buying used items is becoming more and more of a trend, so there are plenty of websites to choose from nowadays.

I love second-hand shopping. I often visit our local thrift store to see if they have any cute clothes that would fit my baby girl. I even bought a carrier for €10 once, which I still use quite often. I also found a beautiful, wooden baby bed, a night light and some other useful baby items for just a small price. Buying second-hand already saved me a ton of money, which I’m grateful for!

2. Breastfeed

It has been proven that breast milk is extremely healthy for both mother and child. It contains everything your baby needs to grow and develop and it also protects your little one’s immune system to fight off bacteria and viruses. Some woman are unable to breastfeed and some simply choose not to, even though it has a lot of proven benefits and advantages. Breast milk always has the right temperature, you don’t necessarily need any equipment and it is much cheaper then formula.

3. Try to borrow as much as you can

Maybe you have friends or even family who are able to lend you some of the things you need. Some of them may have baby stuff stored away somewhere in the attic or basement, so ask around to see if anyone can help you out. Think of a baby bath, clothes, toys and other items that might be of great use. That way, you can save up some more money.

Another great way to lend or swap baby items is by joining a Facebook group to get in touch with local moms. You’ll get the chance to meet new people in your neighborhood and might even make some new friends. It is definitely a win-win!

4. Make your own baby food

Pre-packaged baby food doesn’t seem expensive for some people, but if you take a look at your monthly expenses, you will see that you pay a huge amount of money for it. Homemade baby food, on the other hand, has a lot of advantages and is much cheaper. You know exactly what you’re feeding your baby, you can choose your own fruit and vegetables and you don’t have to worry about added sugar, salt and fillers, which are used quite often in pre-packaged baby food.

Sure, it takes some time to prepare everything yourself, but it is a lot of fun and you will definitely save a lot of money. You can easily put aside a little bit of fruit or vegetables while you’re preparing lunch or dinner for you and your family. That way, you are able to spend more time with your little one instead!

5. Save on diapers and wipes

You don’t necessarily need to buy Pampers or Huggies. A generic brand works just as fine and your baby won’t even tell the difference, to be honest. You could also switch to cloth diapers or even make your own baby wipes. There are plenty tutorials available on YouTube that might be of use if you decide to make them yourself!

Coupons are another great way to save on diapers and baby wipes. You can find them online, in stores or even in newspapers. Make sure to keep an eye out for great deals and promotions as well, especially if you prefer to buy in bulk. That way, you can profit even more from certain discounts and spend your money more wisely!

How do you save money with a baby? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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  1. Babies are definitely expensive and they don't get any cheaper as they start to grow. Borrowing cots, clothes and toys are great ways to cut down on costs and save some money.

  2. Babies are so expensive, if I ever have a baby I would buy most of my things second hand. A baby is going to grow out of clothes in roughly about 3 months and you're going to have to buy a brand new wardrobe so why spend lots of money on it.