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Mar 8, 2019

My Birth Story (Meet Little Alice)

It's been 4 months since I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and I'm finally ready to share the whole story on my blog; from the moment I had a check-up until a few days after I gave birth!

It has been an emotional rollecoaster for me, but I couldn't be any happier at the same time. Meeting this tiny human for the first time after 9 long months was the most beautiful thing ever! Here is my birth story!


Thursday, October 31, 2018 – 4 p.m.

I had another appointment with the gynecologist. I just wished we could meet her already because all these appointments were getting way too expensive, but it is for the greater good and we had to make sure that everything was alright with the baby.

She did a regular check-up and everything seemed normal at this point. I had 2 centimeters dialation already, but other then that; there wasn't any sign that my body was going into labor soon, so it was time to have a little chat about getting induced, which made me pretty excited.

Before she went into further details, she decided to strip my membranes a little bit and that's when everything started. I felt horrible and I had a lot of painful cramps in my lower body. It literally came out of nowhere!

It never occured to me that this was an actual sign of labor and that I was going to give birth soon, so I took my clothes back on and didn't bother to mention it. I thought they would go away soon and that I had to wait until the next Monday, because if my body didn't want to go into labor of its own, that would be the day I was going to be induced.

I took a nice, hot shower the moment we came home and that actually made me feel a little better. I still had these cramps, but they weren't that painful anymore, so I moved on, wrote a post, watched a movie and enjoyed my time with Jeremy. I also did a few stretches, which made things a little more comfortable for me and after I meditaded for about half an hour, I decided to call it a day and I went to bed.

Friday, November 1, 2018 – 2 a.m.

I stared into the dark for quite some time and I was pretty annoyed at this point. I just couldn't sleep and the contractions became more and more intense. They were only 2 minutes apart and each one of them lasted for about 50-60 seconds, so I called the hospital to ask if it would be alright to come over already. The lady on the phone was really polite and said that it wasn't a problem at all. I woke Jeremy, we packed the bags and left.

It was weird to go to the hospital in the middle of the night. The streets were calm and quiet and it felt like we were the only ones in the emergency department. They already expected us, so I was put in a wheelchair and they brought us to the maternity ward were one of the midwives welcomed us and escorted us to the delivery room.

We made ourselves comfortable and Jeremy was offered a cup of coffee, which was really nice. I had to answer some questions, Jeremy had to do some paperwork, they put me on the monitor to check if the baby was alright and afterwards, she examined me to see if I had some more dilation already.

As the hours ticked by, the pain became more and more intense and it felt like I was in a different universe or something. I tried to focus on my breathing as much as possible, which worked really well for me. After a while, I completely lost my sense of time and just layed there, half asleep, half awake. I think I never felt so horrible in my life before. The pain was so intense, like someone was stabbing me with a knife over and over again.

When I was 7 centimeters dialated, the midwife decided to break my water. It felt like I was peeing all over the place, but other then that, I didn't feel any pain at all. Except for the contractions, of course.

After a while, I started to feel some kind of pressure in my lower body and it just started pushing. At this point, I was fully dialated, but we decided to get an epidural because I just couldn't do it anymore. I lost control and I wasn't able to handle the pain anymore, so I almost begged for it.

The epidural made it a lot easier for me to push. I didn't feel any pain, just pressure and the need to push my baby out and after 45 minutes of pushing, screaming and sweating, I finally pushed her head out and that's when we discovered that the umbilical cord got stuck around her neck during labor.



Friday, November 1, 2018 – 1.36 p.m.

And there she was, our little Alice! My perfect, little angel.

They removed the umbilical cord as fast as possible and after one more push, I was finally able to hold my sweet, sweet baby for the first time after such a long time and it felt amazing! Becoming a mom is the most beautiful thing ever, that's for sure. She had a weight of 2,760 kg and a lenght of 50 centimeters. 

It felt amazing to hold her in my arms and to meet her. I'll never forget this moment. We just looked at each other and I couldn't believe that she was real. After a few minutes, they took her away to clean her up and to give her some oxygen. Luckily, she was healthy and well, but she did spend a night in an incubator, just in case to see if she was alright and to check her pulse every now and again.

Saturday, November 2, 2018

The first night was pretty intense. I was so happy that I was able to sleep after such a hard day. I was really exhausted. Alice had to spend the night in an incubator in another room, so I was all alone and happy to catch up on some sleep, but of course, I still had to breastfeed her, so they came in every 3 hours with a hungry baby and that was pretty intense because I wasn't used to broken nights yet.

The next morning, Alice was finally allowed to stay with me in the same room and Jeremy and I took our time to meet our little girl properly. Jeremy was finally able to hold her for the first time as well, which was beautiful.

We received a lot of visitors the day after I gave birth. Our friends and family were all excited to see little Alice. Everyone brought gifts and it felt good to see everyone.

I was really happy, but I felt very emotional and I was still in a lot of pain and I think that's why I couldn't enjoy the first few days as much as I wanted. Such a life-changing experience was a bit overwhelming, even though it was beautiful at the same time.

The following days.

The following days were horrible. Every muscle in my body hurt and Alice just didn't stop crying. I literally thought I was doing something wrong because I just couldn't make her happy. It broke my heart and it made me feel like the worst mom ever.

Breastfeeding was harder then I thought and it felt like she was still hungry after I breastfed her, so the midwives decided to give her formula as well. I wasn't able to get her out of bed, change her diaper or hold her because I was in so much pain and because of that, I was really scared to drop her. The midwives helped me as much as possible and they took care of her while I couldn't. They also gave her the formula and after she finished her bottle, they always put her straight into bed instead of letting me hold her for a while. The moment she touched just a tiny piece of her matress, she started to cry and it was just so sad.

I figured that she was still hungry and asked if I could breastfeed her some more, but they told me she had to wait at least 2 more hours, which is bullshit! As a fresh, new mom, I just listened to them because I thought that they knew best. They had experience and I didn't, so I just let her cry and now that I look back at this, 4 months later, I feel like I could kick myself in the ass. My child was hungry and I just listened to these midwives instead of comforting my little baby. I will never listen to such a thing anymore ever!



We are 4 months later now and we're doing great. It took me a while to get used to being a mom, but I'm getting there and I learn more and more every day. My whole pregnancy was such an adventure and giving birth was just beautiful and I literally couldn't be any happier. I'm really grateful that I'm able to experience this and to be a mom.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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  1. I love a birth story. Congratulations she’s beautiful x