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Mar 22, 2019

Self-care Sunday: My ULTIMATE Bath Routine

Being a fulltime mom is amazing and I’m so grateful for the opportunity, but it is hard and very time-consuming. It is easy to forget your own needs when you have a baby to look after, so that’s why I love to plan a self-care Sunday every now and then. My favorite way to relax is by taking a bath and treat my skin with a little something extra.

In this post, I’ll discuss a few of my ultimate favorite bath products and share my self-care Sunday routine with you, guys! Grab a seat and enjoy.

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gel douche concentré yves rocher

My bath routine starts with lighting up some scented candles and cleaning my face with a cotton pad and micellar water. In the meantime, I fill the tub with hot water, bubbles and a lot of color. I love the smell of coconut, so I use the coconut bath & shower from Kruidvat for some nice bubbles, which reminds me of palm trees, warmth and sunny days. This definitely brings back a lot of beautiful memories.

coconut bath & shower kruidvat

To add a little bit of magic, I use a bath bomb from Kruidvat as well. They aren’t expensive, they smell amazing and the colors are gorgeous! I’m also obsessed with bath oil to make my skin really, really soft. I currently use the extra soft baby oil from Nivea. This product is amazing and I will definitely buy it again. I also use this product for my baby, obviously.

extra soft baby oil nivea

I always listen to relaxation music while I'm having a pamper night and I love to do some meditation as well. I just breath for a few minutes to clear my head and to get inspired again. Meditation is just an amazing way to connect with your body!

Anyway, it's time for a little scrubbing to exfoliate my skin and to remove dirt, oil and other impurities. It also increases the blood circulation and it makes my skin extremely soft. I think it's pretty important to use a scrub every now and then. I mean, it has a lot of benefits and it's really good for your skin! I'm currently obsessed with the cleansing scrubgel from Kruidvat because it contains bamboo extracts, jojoba and a lot of other amazing ingredients. I don't know much about bamboo, but I do have some experience with jojoba. Jojoba oil is extremely hydrating and it really improves the condition and elasticity of the skin. Check out this page if you want to read more about jojoba oil.

beauty products

cleansing scrubgel kruidvat

I'm super, super skeptical when it comes to facial masks. My skin is extremely sensitive and it took me a while to find the right one that doesn't dehydrate my face. I used to work as a saleswoman for a beauty company and that's when I discovered the Glacial Marine Mud Mask, an amazing product from Epoch. This product is extremely gentle and it works really, really well for me. I really recommend this mask if you have a sensitive skin as well. The results are amazing. It gives your skin a beautiful and healthy glow and it really cleans the pores to reduce and prevent pimples.

So I apply the product with my hands and leave it on for about 10, 15 minutes. In the meantime, I enjoy a cold drink, close my eyes and relax for a while.


If I could, I would do this every day! It's so relaxing, especially when it's already dark outside. I just love a good pamper session. I mean, who doesn't? A little bit of skin care, a little bit of shaving, lots and lots of bubbles, sign me up, please! I love to take a bath with my little girl as well and she seems to like it too. Normally, she's pretty stressed when we give her a bath, but she's always happy and calm when she's with me.

Anyway, it's time to clean my face and to take a nice, little shower. I do have quite a few shower products, but my ultimate favorite is the concentrated shower gel with the scent of lotus from Yves Rocher. It smells so good and it is such an amazing product to use! I basically grew up with this brand because my mom is a huge fan of their products as well.

gel douche concentré yves rocher

The shampoo that I use to treat my hair is the Classic 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner from Adrélon. I'm literally obsessed with this shampoo because it makes my hair so soft and healthy. They actually don't sell it anymore in our local drugstore, which I'm definitely not happy about. I recently bought a shampoo from Nivea to try out. I've already tried so many different shampoos in my life, so I'm pretty curious about this one. My hair is extremely difficult, let me tell you that. It literally has a mind of its own! But I have faith in this shampoo and I can’t wait to test it out!

It feels amazing to take a little break and to relax every now and then. A bath is just the perfect way to get energized again, don’t you agree? I think it’s really important to take care of yourself, even though you don’t have much time. I try to take a bath once a week, which is just perfect. I don’t have to worry about my little girl either, I know Jeremy takes good care of her!


What is one of your ultimate favorite beauty products?

Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. You really can’t beat a lovely warm bubbly bath for a bit of relaxation! Sounds like heaven!!! Xx

  2. I know what you mean, it's so relaxing to just take your time and pamper yourself. I love using the Aloe Vera Avocado Soap from Forever Living for my face, when I need that little something extra :).