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Sep 10, 2018

My Morning Routine

Getting up early isn’t exactly my strongest feature. I hate alarm clocks and I just don’t like getting up early when I’m still tired, which actually happens quit a lot. It makes me grumpy and moody. On the other hand, I do think it is really important to have some kind of a morning routine, especially if there is a baby on its way! A morning routine is a form of self-discipline and it’s also a great way to prevent stress or discomfort. At least, that’s how I think about it.

I went looking for some ideas on Pinterest to become more of a morning person, which actually inspired me to write a blog post about my morning routine! It will give you a little peek in my personal life and it might motivate you to become an early bird as well! Who knows?! Anyway, grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

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Rise and shine!

My alarm goes off at 7, which I think is a pretty decent hour to wake up. I tried to get up at 6 a few times and it felt really good, but I’m a terrible sleeper and waking up that early just doesn’t work for me.

I used to check my phone first thing in the morning, answer my messages, read my e-mails, but the trick is to get up as quick as possible, which really helps me to get excited for the day, instead of thinking too much. I also love to take a few deep breaths to give my muscles some time to wake up before I jump out of the bed to make myself ready!

My morning routine, le petit marseillais, vanilla milk, body wash

The benefits of a hot shower (10 min.)

It’s time to take a nice, hot shower, which is definitely my favorite part of the morning! It really stimulates my body to wake up and it gives me the energy that I need to get through the day. I currently use Vanilla Milk, a gentle body wash from Le Petit Marseillais. It’s really soft and it smells amazing! I also use the Classic 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner from Andrélon to treat my hair.

Here is a list of other products that I love to use from time to time as well.

  • Cream Peeling shower scrub – Nivea;
  • Milk & Honey shower mousse – Kruidvat;
  • Reconstructing Hair Mask with honey – Garnier Ultra Doux;
  • Glacial Marine Mud Mask – Epoch;
  • Liquid Body Lufra – Nu Skin;
  • hydrating Clay Mask with dead sea minerals – Kruidvat Originals.

My skincare routine (10 min.)

First of all, I take a cotton pad, put some micellar water on it and cleanse my face to remove dirt and other impurities before I apply my Essentials 24h hydration boost + refreshing day cream with SPF15 from Nivea. I think it’s really important to use a cleansing product to prevent spots, acne and skin breakouts, as I’ve mentioned before. I also use a day cream to keep my face hydrated during the day, especially when it gets colder outside. We don’t want to ruin our skin, don’t we?

I’ve always been a huge fan of body butter. It’s a great way to prevent stretch marks and it makes my skin massively soft. I currently use Blueberry Lychee from Kruidvat, but I also like to use my Baobab Body Butter from time to time.

After I took care of my skin, I put my clothes on, brush my hair and clean my glasses. I also have contact lenses, but, I don’t know, I really like my glasses. It’s way more comfortable then poking my eyes out every morning!

I’ve been using a lot more makeup, lately. I usually only wear eyeshadow and some mascara, but sometimes, I also like to apply foundation, powder, blush and highlighter. It takes me about 10 more minutes to create a full face makeup look, which is pretty reasonable. And of course, I always put some perfume on as well. My all-time favorites are Heat and Heat Rush from Beyoncé. They smell amazing, especially the second one! I’m literally obsessed! My mom actually gave it to me as a gift, which I’m really, really grateful for!

My morning routine, tea, candle, cactus, breakfast

Time for breakfast! (30 min.)

Jeremy doesn’t have much time in the morning, that’s why I always make some coffee, fix a few eggs and prepare his lunch for the day before I dive into my bowl of cereals and my hot cup of tea. I try to help him as much as possible, since I have plenty of time!

After breakfast, we snuggle up in the couch for a few more minutes and watch some TV together until it’s time for him to leave. That’s when we brush our teeth and say goodbye to each other.

“Enjoy your day!”

It can be really boring when there is no one around to talk to for almost 9 hours straight, that’s why I keep myself busy during the day. I always put some music on, finish my chores, meditate, create content for my blog and so on!

We recently bought a record player, which makes everything less boring. I’m really happy with it, even though it was pretty expensive. It fits perfectly with our interior and I just love that nostalgic feeling! We already have one LP from Foo Fighters and I’ve also been searching for some great hits from Queen and Johnny Cash.


Anyway, as much as I would love some company during the day, I actually do enjoy being alone. It gives me the chance to discover who I am and what I truly like. I’ve learned so much about myself in the past couple of months. My morning routine is pretty basic, I know, but it feels really good to have one. It allows me to enjoy my day even more and it actually makes me a lot happier!

I hope I was able to inspire or motivate you with my morning routine. Feel free to share your tips and tricks as well, I’m always looking for new ideas and inspiration. You can follow my blog on Facebook, Bloglovin’, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter to stay on tune and to share your support! I would really appreciate it!

Are you ready for a bunch of fun Fall activities that’ll keep you busy? Make sure to check out my next blog post!

Lots of love,
Eefie. ❤


  1. I am a terrible morning person as well and I just quit drinking coffee three days ago. I have been dependent on it for years. Perhaps an early morning skin care routine like yours might drive my sleepiness away. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      I'm not much of a coffee person myself, but I do enjoy hot chocolate milk or a cup of tea to start the day.

      Lots of love,
      Eef. ❤