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Sep 3, 2018

Monthly Highlights: August 2018!

Today, I want to introduce you to a new blog series that I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. I thought it would be fun to write about my monthly favorites, but I wanted something more extensive. I also want to talk about the goals that I have achieved, interesting blog posts that I’ve read, fun experiences and other amazing things that I’ve discovered in the past month, so I decided to create some kind of mix and I came up with Monthly Highlights. I’m really excited about this because I love sharing new stuff with other people! I also believe that this is going to help me reflect on the positive things in my life. Anyway, this is the first blog post of the series and I think it would be a great idea to start with a little, personal overview of August. Take a seat and enjoy!

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❤ A month full of changes!

August was an interesting month for me. A lot of exciting stuff happened and I changed a few things in my daily routine. I tried to get up early, I decided to use more makeup and I actually made time to do my household chores, which helped me out a lot to create more spare time! I also made this blog in the beginning of August and I recently bought a domain as well. I’m so happy to write posts again, my God, it feels so good! This is probably the biggest highlight of the past month!

I also had an appointment with the gynecologist to check up on the baby again. She’s doing great and she has everything she needs. I’m so proud! I can’t wait to hold her in my arms and to play with her. I have to contact a midwife soon. She will give me some more information about the delivery and breastfeeding. God, I still have to learn so much! It makes me a little nervous, but I’m also really excited.

❤ My personal favorites of August.

Lifestyle favorites:

I love TV series, especially when they’re funny and interesting to watch, I mean, who doesn’t love a good show? A friend of mine told me to check out Lucifer, a series about the Devil who abandoned Hell and decided to live in Los Angeles instead. The character has a lot of charisma and he is so selfish, I’m totally obsessed! Anyway, Lucifer is the proud owner of a nightclub, gets involved with police matters and finally becomes a consultant to the LAPD. The series is a mix of fantasy, drama and action, but it also contains a lot of humor. Check out the trailer if you’re interested! I’m a huge fan and I can’t wait until season four comes out!

I also drank a lot of Fuze Tea in the past month. It tastes so good, especially the one with black tea and peach hibiscus, my God! It’s really refreshing and sweet. You definitely have to give it a try if you haven’t already. I tried the carbonated one with black tea as well, but I didn’t really like it. I don’t know, it tastes weird for some reason.

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Beauty favorites:

My skin is very sensitive and I have to be careful with the cleansing products that I use. Finding a soft and gentle cleanser isn't easy, I need something that doesn't irritate or dehydrate my face, so I decided to give micellar water a try. I cleanse my face two times a day; before I put my makeup on and before I go to bed. I think it's very important to remove dirt and other impurities to prevent spots, acne and skin breakouts, which is something that I've been struggling with a lot for the last couple of months.

Anyway, I'm actually surprised by the results of this product. It really does work for me. It's very gentle, refreshing and it doesn't dehydrate my skin. I think I finally found the right cleanser for my face, which is amazing! I mean, I've tried so many other products, but none of them really worked for me. Have you ever tried micellar water? How was your experience?

❤ My playlist.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the songs that I've listened to a lot over the past month as well! I mean, I always listen to music, especially when I’m writing content for my blog. I don’t really have a specific genre. I mostly listen to pop, though, but I love rock and music from the 80s and 90s as well! 

5 blog posts you have to check out!

Source background photo: Pexels.

❤ 5 blog posts you definitely have to check out!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about some of my favorite bloggers and I wanted to share a few interesting blog posts as well, but I didn’t want to spend an entire article on it, so I decided to talk about it in Monthly Highlights instead. Anyway, I’ve read some interesting posts about blogging and photography in the past month. I also went looking for some inspiration to drive traffic to my blog, which was really, really helpful. Here is a list of posts that are definitely worth a visit!

❤ Shoutout to…

Blogging and writing content really became some sort of daily habit. I get up, take a shower, eat breakfast, finish my chores and get to work. And as much as I like doing things on my own, I’m glad to receive some help from time to time. Larisa Azzopardi, a friend of mine, is someone that I can really count on when I need help, that’s why I want to thank her in particular! She already helped me out a lot, I mean, I can ask her anything. I think it’s important to ask for advice or feedback now and then, to improve yourself and your blog.

And I’m also very grateful for those who support me! Thank you so much! I truly enjoy this whole journey. I’ve already learned so much about blogging, photography and creating content, it’s amazing.

August was a beautiful month, but it is time to move forward and to embrace September! I’m so excited! It’s almost Autumn, guys! Can you believe it? I can’t wait to go on a shopping spree, I mean, a girl needs cozy sweaters and fluffy socks, right? This month, I’m going to prepare lots and lots of soup and I also want to try out some new recipes that I’ve found on Pinterest. Spoiler!

Anyway, feel free to share some of your favorites from the past month as well, I’m really curious. Thank you for dropping by, I appreciate it! You can follow my blog on Facebook, Bloglovin’, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter to share your support!

Lots of love,
Eefie. ❤

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