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Sep 13, 2018

25 amazing ways to enjoy Fall!

Hello, gorgeous! As you may have noticed, Autumn is right behind the corner and that makes me massively happy. I love the coziness, the warm evenings and the way everything changes into a colorful paradise. I mean, isn’t it beautiful? There are a lot of exciting Fall activities that I really look forward to, so I created some kind of list and I thought it would be fun to talk about it in a blog post.

I found some of these activities on Pinterest and I mixed them together with my personal ideas. I’ve been searching for some amazing photographs as well, you definitely have to check them out! They are very inspiring and they make me even more excited! Anyway, grab a cup of tea. We have some fun things to discuss!

18 amazing ways to enjou Fall, Autumn, decorations, interior, decor, design


  • Go on a shopping spree;
  • organize a movie night;
  • sing karaoke.

Beauty & skincare:

  • DIY vanilla sugar scrub;
  • create a new makeup look.

Food & drinks:

18 amazing ways to enjoy Fall, Autumn, decorations, interior, design, decor

Home sweet home:

  • Decorate your home with Fall decorations;
  • DIY Fall craft;
  • DIY spice rack;
  • try out some new scented candles;
  • reorganize your wardrobe.


  • Collect leaves, chestnuts, small twigs and pine cones;
  • go for a walk and have a Fall photoshoot.



I’m really excited! I have never done anything like this before, simply because I didn’t have time, which is just another excuse. I realize that now. There will be an update soon and I’m also going to write a few posts about some of these activities in particular. I’m not going to create a full blog post about every single thing. I mean, that would be a bit ridiculous. Maybe I’ll share some of them in my next Monthly Highlights as well. I’m so happy and I literally can’t wait to share my personal experiences! Fall is such a beautiful time, don’t you agree? The scented candles, the cozy sweaters and of course, there is Halloween. I haven’t planned anything yet because the baby is coming soon. Maybe I’m still in the hospital by then, who knows?

Anyway, feel free to share some of your favorite Fall activities as well. I’m always looking for inspiration, as I’ve mentioned many times before! Make sure to stay on tune and to share your support. You can follow my blog on Facebook, Bloglovin’, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you for passing by!

Lots of love,
Eefie. ❤

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