... Eefie's Beautiful Mess: About my useless degree and my current job!

Aug 20, 2018

About my useless degree and my current job!

Blogging is my favorite thing to do, that’s for sure! I put a lot of time and effort in my blog and I love every second of it! Creating content is a great way to express my thoughts and ideas, it makes me happy, it’s relaxing and it keeps me busy! It would be amazing to make a job out of this one day, that would be a dream come true, but I still have a long way to go and for now, I’m okay with being a shop assistant. That can be a lot of fun as well! Sometimes… Barely…

Anyway, today, I decided to talk about my degree and about my current job, so grab a drink and take a seat! It’s time for a little chat!


Almost there…

I’ve always had a lot of issues with my health, especially when I was a little child. I had to go to the hospital very often. It sounds like a terrible thing, but for me, it felt like a second home. The nurses were very sweet, there was a play area and the food wasn’t that bad either!

When I went to high school, I decided that I wanted to become a healthcare provider as well. It would have been a beautiful job! Helping people out who are unable to care for themselves? Sign me up! After four years of hard work, I wanted to do something else. (What?!) I finished my year, changed class and did something completely different. Why? Because I was bored and I wasn’t thinking straight, obviously! I mean, what was wrong with me?! Anyway, I quickly realized that I had made a big mistake and that it was too late to go back.

Eventually, I graduated from high school as a beautician. Am I happy with my degree? Sure, but it’s completely useless! I would love to start my own business, a shop or beauty salon, it doesn’t matter, but things like this require a lot of money, money that I don’t even have! So I went looking for something else. After all, I went on with my life. I mean, a girl has to make a living, you know? I had a few job offers, but none of them really interested me.


❤ Being a shop assistant isn’t always easy!

Finding a job can be really hard, especially when you don’t have any work experience at all, but I took what I could get! I did a few temporary jobs, I mean, I had to do something! After three months, I was invited to a job interview in a grocery store near my apartment and it actually went really great. I tried to stay positive and I convinced myself that it wasn’t so bad at all. They even wanted me to start right away! The shop needed a cashier and I needed a job, problem solved! I actually felt happy and relieved, to be honest.

I do like my job, but I’ve really underestimated it! It can be really hard and exhausting. I’m a cashier, a shop assistant and a waitress at the same time! They really need to hire more staff and a little bit of respect wouldn’t hurt either, after all, I’m just a person. And don’t even get me started about the people! Gosh, they make me crazy sometimes! Some people can be so rude or annoying! Anyway, I’ve thought about quitting a few times, but that doesn’t seem like a great idea. I mean, I already messed up in high school, let’s not make the same mistakes again…

Currently, I’m not allowed to work for a while because I have a lot of back issues, lately. I have to take it easy and, most importantly, I have to take some time for myself. Being pregnant is wonderful, but it also requires a lot of energy and it can be massively tiring. I’ve really enjoyed my free time so far and I intend to continue to do so! And of course, the chores ain’t gonna take care of themselves either, but I still have plenty of time to do other fun stuff as well. Recently, I decided to change my morning routine and become more of a morning person, instead of sleeping until ten a.m., yeah, you read that right! I’ve already made some progress, which makes me really happy, but that’s something to discuss in another post! For now, I’m glad and grateful, and I don’t have to worry about work for a while, which is amazing!

As you can see, my life is a bit of a mess. (What a surprise…) I’ve made some bad decisions, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy. I’ve learned from my mistakes and right now, I wouldn’t want to change a thing, to be honest. I graduated from high school and I went on with my life. I moved in with my boyfriend about a year ago, I found myself a job, I got pregnant, I mean, what else does a person need?

Anyway, thank you for your time and for visiting my blog! I appreciate it! You can follow my blog on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Bloglovin’ to stay on tune and to share your support!

What do you do for a living? Feel free to leave a comment!

Lots of love,
Eefie. ❤

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