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Aug 17, 2018

5 Blogs You Have To Check Out

A great way to drive traffic to your blog is by supporting other bloggers, leaving comments and sharing their content on social media. Most of them will appreciate the effort and are most likely to take a look at your profile. It's important to link your blog in your bio or description box. They might visit your blog and share it with their community, which will drive even more traffic to your blog!

Twitter is one of my favorite ways to discover new blogs. I often join a random discussion or a blog share thread to share my latest post and discover great content at the same time. Bloglovin' is also a great platform when it comes to finding new reading material.

It's important to be supportive and that's why I decided to share some of my favorite blogs today! I’ve been following these blogs for quit some time now and I just love how personal they are! Make sure to check them out!

5 Blogs You Have To Check Out

Class & Glitter

5 Blogs You Have To Check Out

If you’re interested in beauty and fashion with a personal touch and a lot of positive vibes, then this might be the perfect place for you! I’m not really interested in the newest beauty and fashion trends, but I enjoy Parie’s personal posts. They’re just fun and interesting to read. I also love the name of this blog. It’s really creative and well found!

Jodie Melissa

5 Blogs You Have To Check Out

Jodie is a very passionate blogger who writes about a little bit of everything! She wrote some interesting posts about blogging and shared some amazing tips. I’m also obsessed with the layout of her blog! Pink and white is a great color combination and I just love how organized her blog looks! This girl puts a lot of work and effort in her blog, that’s for sure!

Gemma Louise

5 Blogs You Have To Check Out

Another great blog with a lot of personality! Gemma Louise is an amazing designer, photographer, makeup enthusiast and writes about all things beauty, lifestyle and parenting. I really enjoy her personal posts and love to follow her around on Instagram as well! Her photographs are amazing! She’s a very talented young woman!

The Everymom

5 Blogs You Have To Check Out

“She’s trying to become a mom. Fierce, smart, always multi-tasking.

She is passionate about life, her family, and her own self-care.

She is The Everymom. This is for her.”


The Everymom

The Everymom is a great blog for moms and moms-to-be! This place is filled with ideas, tips, inspiring stories, posts about mental and physical health, relationships, motherhood and more! I’ve already spend quite some time on this blog! I still have a lot to learn about parenting and that’s why I love to read about it as much as I can. It really comforts me in a certain way.

A girl, obsessed

5 Blogs You Have To Check Out

A girl, obsessed is a blog for those who are obsessed with makeup, blogging, fashion, photography and lifestyle. Writing about a little bit of everything is a great way to attract a lot of people with a lot of different interests. I personally love her posts about blogging. They’re really useful and I actually learned some interesting tricks to keep my blog going.


Unfortunately, this blog has been removed and is no longer available.

There are so many great blogs and talented people out there and I genuinely believe we can learn so much from each other! It’s amazing to be a part of this community.

Which blog is your favorite?

Share your support!

Lots of love,
Eefie ❤