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Aug 17, 2018

5 Blogs You Have To Check Out!

Reading blog posts from other bloggers and leaving comments is as important as creating your own content, especially if you want your blog to be seen or if you need some new inspiration! Leaving comments and interacting with other bloggers might allow you to increase your traffic and to attract new readers, which is very important to keep your blog going. Bloglovin’ is a great way to discover new blogs, that’s why I spend quite a lot of time searching for interesting posts. Anyway, I would love to share 5 of my favorite bloggers that you definitely have to check out if you want to discover some new blogs as well, so grab a seat and enjoy!


Class & Glitter


Let’s talk about the name of this blog for a second; how creative can a person be?! Parie writes about beauty, fashion and personal stuff, she combined those three things together and she invented the perfect name! Thumbs up for creativity! I would never come up with something brilliant like that…

I barely use makeup and I’m not interested in the new beauty trends either, to be honest, but I do enjoy reading her blog posts. They are personal and I love the high quality of her photographs, my God, they are gorgeous! I’m literally in love with every detail she punts into it!

Long story short: she puts a lot of effort in her blog, that’s obvious! So if you’re interested in makeup, personal stories and fashion, this might be the perfect place for you!

Jodie Melissa


I immediately fell in love with the layout of this blog! I do love pink, it’s a beautiful color and it’s soft, and yeah, it does attract me, even though I refuse to believe that sometimes… But my blog is all about honesty, so no lies or stubbornness!

Jodie is a very inspiring girl who writes about all kind of subjects. She shared some pretty interesting posts about blogging that I really liked and I’m also a big fan of her personal tips. I love a nice blog with a lot of personality, that’s why I adore her so much!

You should definitely check her out! She is totally worth it! Oh, and make sure to check out her YouTube channel as well! Her content is amazing and I love her accent! It’s so beautiful! I’ve always had a weak spot for British accents…

Gemma Louise


I personally prefer a neutral homepage that contains a lot of pictures, and Gosh, this girl knows how to make the perfect photographs! They look amazing, luxurious and very professional! I love it!

I enjoy reading her posts about parenting. I wouldn’t have paid any attention to these kind of subjects in the past, but a lot has changed since there is a little boo on the way. She also has a huge passion for beauty and makeup and she loves writing about fashion as well.

To be honest, I don’t like fashion at all! My wardrobe is a mix of animal-printed T-shirts, oversized sweaters, black trousers and other cute things I like to wear. Fancy dresses and elegant skirts aren’t really my style. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t mind if someone writes about their favorite fashion items, not at all, but it’s just not something I’m interested in.

Anyway, Gemma Louise is an amazing blogger with a lot of passion. She’s very talented! Isn’t it wonderful how people can create something so beautiful?

The Everymom


This is such an interesting blog, especially for moms and moms-to-be! This place is filled with amazing tips, great ideas, inspiring stories and a lot of other exciting stuff! I’m twenty years old and I’m over six months pregnant. My boyfriend and I are massively happy with our little daughter, but we’re also a bit insecure about this whole new world. We still have to learn so much about parenting and about raising a baby! That’s why I can’t wait to read more of their blog posts. They are very useful, motivating and interesting.

They also talk about mental and physical health, relationships and parenthood, which are my favorite subjects to read on The Everymom. These topics are very important in my personal life as well. Expecting a baby is a beautiful thing, but it can also cause a lot of stress. Luckily, their blog is all about support and that’s why I love it so much. A little support now and then can be really comforting, believe me!

This blog is definitely one of my favorites! I love their content and I strongly recommend their blog, especially when you’re a mom or a mom-to-be.

A girl, obsessed


A girl, obsessed is a blog for girls who are obsessed with makeup, blogging, fashion, photography and lifestyle. Mandy is a beautiful girl who puts a lot of effort in her blog and I’m a huge fan of her work! She also has a wide range of topics, which is something that I really like! It’s the perfect way to attract a lot of different people with a lot of different interests.

I’m really obsessed with her photographs, they are stunning! I fall in love with them over and over again! I’m also a big fan of her Instagram page, she’s such a talent, my God! I wish I was as good as her, but I still have a long way to go when it comes to photography! I recently bought a new camera, that’s a good start to begin with, but I’ll discuss this in another blog post!

Mandy shares a lot of experiences and personal stories about her life as a blogger, which is very interesting to read. I think she is a great example, especially for new bloggers! People can learn so much from this girl!

There are so many talented and inspiring people out there, it’s amazing! I can’t wait to share another list of my favorite blogs, but this is it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I’m really into these kind of blog posts myself. It’s very useful if you’re looking for new people!

Anyway, thank you for passing by! My next post will be about my profession, so make sure to stay on tune! You can follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Bloglovin’!

Who is your favorite blogger?

Let me know in the comments down below, I’m really curious! Feel free to share your own blog as well!

Lots of love,
Eef. ❤


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