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Aug 17, 2019

My Story And Personal Experience With COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)


This blog post is very personal and written from my own perspective. I am not a doctor or health care provider, I am the daughter of someone who has been living with this terrible disease due to smoking and I only want to share my experience and my story for those who are going through the same thing or for those who just want to read my story. I'm not an expert, this is just a personal post, based on my own experience.

My dad has been living with COPD for almost 16 years now. I can't imagine what it's like for him and how much he suffers every day, even though he tries his best to hide his pain behind a smile and his sneaky jokes. He is such a crowd pleaser, my dad, always there for those who could use some positive vibes! I can't imagine what it's like to be out of breath all the time, to wake up in the morning with no energy at all. It has been tough, that's for sure, especially for him.

My dad is the strongest person I know. He is a fighter and he will always refuse to give up. I often thought I'd lose him, but he keeps on going, now matter how hard it is. If you read the disclaimer, you probably know that this is going to be a very personal post. It took me a while to decide whether I wanted to share this story or not, since this has been a huge part of my life ever since I was a little girl. It has been an emotional rollecoaster so far and of course, I had to ask my dad for permission.

My Story And Personal Experience With COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Aug 8, 2019

50+ Facebook Groups To Promote Your Blog Content

There are a lot of different blogs out there and that is truly amazing, but it might be hard as a small blogger or beginner to gain traffic to your blog and put your work out there to be seen by other people. Of course, this shouldn't be a reason to hold you back from doing something you really love. If you want to start a blog and share the things you're passionate about, you should definitely go for it!

You decided to follow your heart, you’ve created your blog, you wrote a few posts and now it is time to call for action! Of course, you want your blog to be seen and you want to share your work with other people, so it is important to create an account on several social media platforms and to start sharing. You can’t expect to attract readers and to grow your blog by just sitting back and doing nothing. I know it takes a lot of time, but the results are definitely worth it!

50+ Facebook Groups To Promote Your Blog Content

Aug 5, 2019

Rose Quartz - The Symbol Of Love | Unconditional Love, Forgiveness & Compassion

A Little Bit Of Background

Rose Quartz is a member of the Quartz group and it is the ultimate symbol for true love, piece, forgiveness and compassion. It is made up of silicon dioxide, which is one of the most complex and most abundant families of materials. The beautiful crystal only occurs in massive form, with no crystal faces, edges or confinements and the small inclusions of pink fibers provide a beautiful, soft pink color of the stone. The color can vary from light pink to almost purplish and might even have a hazy or cloudy appearance.

It is the common symbol of unconditional love and it has been used for spells, rituals and ceremonies for centuries now. Not only will it help you to find love or to show kindness to yourself, but it will also provide beautiful dreams and prevent nightmares, restore self-forgiveness, acceptance and change negative energy into positive energy.

Rose Quartz - The Symbol Of Love | Unconditional Love, Forgiveness & Compassion

Aug 1, 2019

Baby Update: 6 Months After Giving Birth

I've learned so much over the past few months and it has been such a rollercoaster with a lot of ups and a lot of downs. It was really hard for me to get used to being a mom, but I did it and I'm actually really proud of myself.

Jeremy did such a great job as well. I'm lucky to have him by my side. He supports me in every way and he is an amazing partner and a wonderful father. I wanted to give you a little update about how everything has been going so far and that's exactly what I'm going to do in this blog post.

Motherhood is an amazing journey and sharing this adventure on my blog makes me massively happy! If you haven't read my post about the delivery yet, you can click on the link and check that out as well.

Baby Update: 6 Months After Giving Birth

Apr 25, 2019

Goodbye, Belgium

What if you ever got the chance to move to another country? Would you leave everything behind and start over? Would you take the risk? I would. And I will! We're moving to Malta within a few months and I'm so excited to finally share the news!

Malta is a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily and north of Africa. The weather is truly amazing over there. It is sunny for most of the time and the temperature never drops below zero!

Image by Larisa Azzopardi